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Our services

Our services

We are a highly trained team of professionals; we’re not just here to
sell you a property in Baja and ride off into the sunset. We are here to
ensure your purchase is a smooth and hassle-free transaction, with a
property that perfectly fits your needs. Your benefit in choosing our
team is any capability needed to ensure the property is enjoyable and
stress-free in the coming years.


If your goal is to rent or sell your property, we have proprietary software that is connected and integrated into a global channel management system. This ensures your Baja property will achieve maximum exposure and leverage its potential. We provide you with social media advertising, digital brochures, blogs, prospect campaigns, videos, and more.


Closing services, immigration, and México relocation.


If you’re looking to spend a few days or even weeks with the Pacific
breeze, we have a list of vacation homes and condos in Baja to choose
from. All different prices, sizes, and locations to fit your needs.


We offer a professional service based on legal and technical knowledge about residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

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